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The park

The Villa Bissiniga Park is very large and offers the possibility to observe many of the typical species of Lake Garda.
The three ornamental gardens surrounding the house boast the presence of centuries’ old mature trees as depicted in the tree guide in the Rose Garden, Cypress, Linden and Tassie located at the entrance. In the secluded Garden of Pozzo a great Japanese Medlar accompanies specimens of Sequoia, Lemon, a large Lime and flowering plants which decorate the view.

You can admire the Gulf of Salo from every point of this great park which extends from the house to the top of the hill. Most climbs along the trails are well indicated and you can embrace the view throughout the lower lake to the Veronese side. During these walks you will find an array of trees and plant life, black and white Hornbeams, Mulberry, Oaks, Junipers, Ginkgo Biloba, Walnut, wild Rose, Holly, wild Broom, Fig, Apple, Pear and many other fruit trees.


For the guests we have studied a botanical route (which is continually expanding) with signs identifying the medicinal plants grown.
You can with the agreement with the owners dedicate your stay to the garden sector planting new plants.
In reception you will find a map identifying the various species in the park and the trails that cross it. The predominant species throughout the park is the olive trees. Some of the centuries old olive trees shade the garden casaliva while many of the trees throughout the park offer their fruit making it an excellent source of oil production. There are many places to discover and many species to admire. There is the Triton Fountain, Belvedere Hall, the animal pens, the lavender that flanks the road for the cars, Laurel, Arbutuses, Aloe, Rhubarb and Cherries.

This Agriturismo house and hill both enrich each other and to us it remains only to be enjoyed without haste, discovering a natural rhythm that belongs to us.

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