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Wind of the lake garda

These are the names of the winds that blow on Lake Garda.


*PELER: Constant wind from the North blowing in the morning until mid-day.

*SUER: Early morning wind from the North coming from the river Sarca valley

*ORA : Steady wind from the South, blowing after 10 am in the morning.

*FASENELLA: Constant wind that blows early in the afternoon West of Fasano
(Gardone Riviera Hamlet)

*SANCARLINO: Wind originating from the mountains to the Lake, blows in the
evening and night from Valvestino to Gargnano

*PONAL: Summer wind originating in the valley of Ledro so called because it follows the course of the Ponale stream.

*BOAREN: Earthy wind originating from Vobarno in Val Sabbia

*ANDER: Very impetuous wind.

*BALI: Very cold North wind from the Alps, blows in spring or autumn lasting
about 3 days.

*MONTES: Wind that blows from Monte Baldo to Bardolino and Peschiera

*VINESSA: Wind moist and fresh.

*GARDESANA: Wind blowing from Lake Garda in the direction of Sirmione



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