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The rooms of Villa Bissiniga are treasures waiting to be discovered. Each room has maintained the age of time, adding only the comforts of modern life.
Of particular interest and value are the original floors of marble and precious parquet retained wherever possible
The walls are painted or primed in brickwork or slaked lime
The bathrooms are the flagships of every room, high quality, functional with every comfort.
All rooms are equipped with:
• Air conditioning
• Independent heating
• Internet access
• Satellite TV



The rooms of the farmhouse are all unique in materials, colours and furnishings. The names chosen for the rooms are a throwback to the traditions of the lake. The rooms are named in fact after the winds that blow on the waters of the lake and each room was named depending on the direction of each different wind.

 This is the first bedroom on the main floor of the villa overlooking the main corridor, with windows looking onto the main entrance and views of the hills that hug Salo. This is a double room in soft colours with a frescoed ceiling and original fireplace.

Intriguing double room (with 3rd bed) intense light blue in colour, finished with antique furniture of the highest quality complete with original flooring and a solid walnut bed. The bathroom has an antique veneer finish. The stone finish in the room creates a warm homely atmosphere. 

This bedroom has a feel of open space and furnished with antique furniture. This room has a private entrance that leads to the internal garden. It has the original coloured beams which were the deciding factor of the colour scheme for this room. From the private living room there are wonderful views of the Gulf of Salo.
The bathroom has a fresh feeling

The main peculiarity of this double bedroom is the fresco which frames the entrance door. The nearness of the room to the terrace makes this room special. This room is dominated by the fresco on the bottom of the wall. The bed is comfortably situated on the mezzanine area. 

This double bedroom (also for single use) is situated next to the entrance garden of the Villa. It is enriched by the frescoes which frame the window. The sleeping area is on the mezzanine area leaving more space on the floor to enjoy your overnight stay 

Very large room with bathroom very airy, cotto toscano flooring  and a bathtub in an independent body. The bedroom has 4 windows that allows you to have a view of your choice.

 This double bedroom has a warm and homely feel, in particular the antique headboard and furnishings. The bathroom is finished in an evocative simple elegant style.

This main bedroom has 3 beds with a private terrace. The parquet flooring, antique furniture and bathroom makes this one of the most beautiful of the Agriturismo, completed in Travertino marble makes this bedroom very luxurious. 

 This double bedroom (with integrated 3rd bed) has a very definitive and particular colour in its finishes: Natural stone walls, window sills in antique wood, marble lined bathroom with shower table covered in metal. This bathroom also contains a unique and beautiful stone sink. The furniture is also antique in line with the rest of the Villa.

 This central room is a double bedroom with a mezzanine area complete with antique furniture and looks onto the mountains. This bedroom has a homely feeling. The bathroom is covered in high quality mosaic tiles.

 This beautiful corner room can sleep 3. From the windows you have a panoramic 180 degree view of the house. This large room is well set out. The bathroom is covered with grey-green slate and the shower is very particular with a wooden base.

 This bedroom is unique in its kind being independent. Situated in the Rose Garden it affords you the closeness of nature as well as the view that you can enjoy from this position. This bedroom has a medieval feeling due to the cotto toscano floors and the wall colours

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