Our cultivations started with the olive tree, the undisputed king of our area and from the care of the vineyards inherited from the grandparents. Now we produce typical Valtenesi wines but in a bio key and we have a very large vegetable garden with vegetables of every type with a particular choice of historical and valuable varieties.

The Valtènesi has a great agricultural tradition given by the favorable position, the excellent soil and the favorable climate of the lake.

We have chosen to be organic. Our cultivation choices are based on respect for nature and something more: our choices are dictated by humanity given by constancy, commitment, and hope. Oh yeah! Because the earth decides how much to give. Our job is to protect the earth, help it to express all its wealth, protect it and maintain its quality in our products. The Earth if it takes care of us, we listen to the whisper and expand it through our products.




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