Cool down and exercise in our unique Bio-pool on those hot lazy days in the Summer on Lake Garda

The bio-pool is a magical place in the park. The flow of water and the harmony of the elements allow guests to truly relax. It is also possible for guests who do not stay in Villa Bissiniga to access the swimming pool by booking in Reception. The daily access to the pool is fixed to a number of 50 people.

Springwater, the balance of nutritional exchanges between it, the atmosphere and the aquatic plants that purify it without the use of artificial chemical elements. It does all Nature and does it beautifully !. And so the elements around the water: sunny green lawn, fragrant hedges of aromatic herbs, colorful flower beds, the power of centuries-old plants, a breath of the wind, a song of the animals, magic vibrations. Nature, relaxation, magic. The guest is only required to be careful … respect for all this. True enjoyment is doing all this.



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