A rose-colored sky above Villa Bissiniga and Salò, a sign of hope

A view from the hill of Villa Bissiniga and Salò

Villa Bissiniga is temporarily closed but we are working, only in a different way. When last week we decided responsibly to suspend all our activities, we immediately applied the method that we adopt in our company: we support each other and share the successes and challenges. Sharing. Today it is even more important to strengthen the bond that unites us.

Do you agree?

Distant but united, we are experiencing a new and global challenge but we are together.

We asked you to send us your photos to tell us about your ‘Lake Garda’ and your ‘Villa Bissiniga’ and many of you answered! We were really pleased to feel your closeness

What is your favorite image that you took on vacation on Lake Garda? Tell us a fact of your holidays to Lake Garda, write to info@villabissiniga.com or directly on social media.

In these particular days, we are all cohesive towards well-being; albeit distant, we feel strong affection and support from our friends and guests and for this, we thank you very much! We are all united for the benefit of everyone!

All the staff of Villa Bissiniga is and remains at home till it will be right to.  Elisa applies her good judgment to the bureaucratic / accounting part which these days is made more difficult by the general situation and the new challenges that we will have to face.

We continue to be present for our customers through the work and availability of Francesca who responds daily to emails, requests, and phone calls.

Paolo is preparing the Spring Menu Card and the Easter Menu (hoping that on that date we can celebrate all together, outdoors).

Fabio takes care of the vineyards by working alone, following all the necessary precautions. He is working for the future of the agriturismo and he is the one taking care of Villa Bissiniga in these weeks.

Alberto is in the vegetable garden, absolutely alone, to take care of the new shoots, his activity will be driving for the next season. It also gives us confidence in the restart.

In the coming days, we will explain better which biological choices we have made and how these choices will do good to our land and to all of us, through what we eat. The synergic cultivation we have chosen is very interesting and, simply said, a return to the origins. #backtobasics

This is a central point in our corporate “mission”: well-being through respect for the environment and humans, well-being through beauty and harmony. Well-being through what you have, what you do and what you share.

This is an unexpected challenge that will lead us to new scenarios and we will do everything to make sure we live them in the best possible way. We extend this wish to each of you, from the heart.

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