Villa Bissiniga is a historic home that has always been present in the landscape of Salò. The first foundation dates back to the last quarter of the 15th century and its history is a succession of works and expansions over the centuries that have defined the property as it is now: a park of 9 hectares surrounding an ancient Villa with 2 bedrooms, 2 convivial lounges , 2 masonry spaces with tufa stones (recently restored) for use as cellar and tasting room, fountains in the Gardens with fresh water from a spring in the park, Aromatic Garden, Lemon Garden and Rose Garden.

In the Park, there are centuries-old trees that testify to the flow of time and the permanence of Villa Bissiniga.

Villa Bissiniga is the right place for an eno-gastronomical vacation on the shores of the lake or a romantic weekend where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while sipping a glass of claret from the high terrace.



SINCE 1410

The first construction of Villa Bissiniga came to life in 1410 in the hamlet of Renzano, just outside the hamlet and near the river.

A wealthy family of Salodian landowners gradually bought all the land east of Renzano that thinned down to the shores of the lake. Huge soils able to give a strong income above all based on oil and wine and fruit.

Since then, 600 years later, the house still dominates the hill, albeit with some tweaking to the “wrinkles” of the time and some changes of owners.

At each change of family a new wing was built and then the Villa grew larger and larger and reflected the different characters of its inhabitants; who favored the growth of centuries-old plants and those who embellished them with statues and fountains, who adorned them with frescoes related to the daily life of a bourgeois and country villa and who increased the richness of the furnishings or the number of animals in the park.

In 1720 the villa underwent a radical restoration with the incorporation of a new lot: what today is the kitchen. With the subsequent owners, the house was completed with a frescoed hall for parties and receptions. It is the noble period, of pomp and power.

Today’s owners bought the property forty years ago and in 2007, the Bortolotti and Bellini families decided to donate the old splendor to the old house, starting a conservative restoration that would last over time: new anti-seismic foundations, new slabs, fortification of unsafe walls , remaking of the roofs respecting and leaving every stone in its place because they are convinced that such ancient stones deserve to remain where they have always been even in a more modern context.

Nothing of the 600 years lived by the Villa has been lost. Everything has been restored to its former glory. Now it is time for new projects and in fact, 2 internal masonry halls have been renovated and above all, a phyto-organic natural pool has been built that uses Bissiniga water and with a prominent role of aquatic vegetation.

The ancient and historic property now enjoys that special charm that surrounds avant-garde projects that have the environment and its sustainability at heart.

In addition to the natural pool, the Villa is already equipped with photovoltaic panels, solar panels, a large wood-burning stove that uses the woods of the Park at zero km and above all without disturbing the territory. Electricity comes only from renewable sources and the management of all the Villa’s operations strictly follows a separate collection system and avoids waste in all its forms – many small gestures for the good of all.

Villa Bissiniga relaunches itself in the future! You learn from the past, enjoy the present and dream of better days for us and our heirs.


Being bio is a natural choice for
us because it means supporting
an agricultural ecosystem in
which the earth is respected
without using chemicals.
Respect for life and natural cycles.
A choice of value from the earth to the table.


12 unique rooms, furnished with
antique furniture and design solutions
where the old and the new come
together in a continuous exchange
of harmonies.
Colors, woods, exposed stones, silence
and discretion. Guests are fascinated
by the richness of the details.


The bio swimming pool of
Villa Bissiniga is a special space that
offers guests great moments of serenity:
the lapping of water between water
lilies, the shadow of olive trees and the
scent of lavender around. Everything is
in its place and is available to guests.


From tradition to the future
to the continuous search
for harmony of flavors

The Osteria Bistrot by the Natural Pool is open in Summer to offer light menu to our guests
The team work every day to transform
the products of our land into unique dishes.

Perfumes, flavors, traditional gestures
and an all-Italian taste for well-made
cuisine, not only beautiful but also good.
In all senses.


The wifi connection is free
and extended to all internal
and external environments.


The charm of the past and the beauty
of the lush nature make Villa Bissiniga a
perfect place for private events and
any activity that requires functional
spaces with an authentic atmosphere.

Different settings for any program: from the aperitif on the terrace to the wedding reception
in the garden, by candlelight.

Each event is unique and becomes
unforgettable at Villa Bissiniga


The spaces of Villa Bissiniga are perfect to host artists
and creations. We have already organized
meetings with authors, jazz and classical
music concerts, photographic and pictorial
exhibitions, art courses.
The staff is available and flexible for the
detailed organization of every aspect of
the event (from logistics to promotion,
from overnight needs to the food & drink offer)

Besides, Villa Bissiniga is in an excellent
position as a base for special events,
events and exhibitions held in the town,
in neighboring museums or in the Lake Garda area.


Lake Garda offers many ideas for
following your passions or discovering new ones.
You can let yourself be fascinated
by the view of the Belle Epoque Villas
or cycle the brand new Limone cycle route,
visit the Roman ruins at Sirmione or count the castles of the Valtenesi and visit the wineries nearby.
The Valsabbia offer small treasures mostly
unknown to mass tourism.

From Villa Bissiniga you can reach almost
all the most interesting places on Lake Garda
in short car journeys, so you can easily plan your day trips


Coming to Villa Bissiniga helps to regenerate:
open spaces, views of the lake and hills, a biological
swimming pool for a nice swim and relax.

Starting from Villa Bissiniga you can
explore Lake Garda in many ways.
Our favorite is on foot, following the trekking
paths that start from the park of the villa.

A few kilometers (by car) you can climb
Mount Pizzocolo, the highest point of the
western side of the lake.

You can leave on foot and get off at Salò to take the boat or a rental boat and visit the lake by water.

The Vittoriale Museum

Gardone Riviera


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Isola del Garda

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Sailing boat race


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